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Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas
Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas

Four Important Reasons to Get a Real Estate Septic Inspection

septic system inspection
Buyers of new homes should always have a thorough real estate septic inspection before purchasing a home to ensure the health and longevity of the wastewater system. Just like a tight roof and a working furnace, the septic system is an essential component of any home’s value. Consider these four important reasons to invest in a professional examination.

Diagnose System Health

When purchasing a new residence, you must take into account the condition of many major systems in order to determine a reasonable offer price. Replacing the septic system is a major expense, so you want to make sure you understand the health of the current system and how soon it may need to be replaced.

Understand Tank Capacity

A professional septic inspection is also helpful in determining how much waste the tank can hold and approximately how many people it can serve. When the size is determined, you will also be able to better estimate how often to schedule professional pumping service.

Pinpoint Longevity of the Tank

Tanks are constructed of several types of materials. Older versions are almost exclusively metal, which can eventually rust or corrode. When this occurs, the receptacle must be replaced for proper function and to ensure a healthy environment. A septic tank inspection can ascertain approximately how many years the reservoir should last.

Identify Drain Field Condition

During traditional wastewater processing, liquid drains from the tank into the surrounding subsoil. A thorough inspection will examine this entire area for signs of system overload (overly green grass, pooling) or tree root infiltration. In either case, costly major repairs would be required. A professional can use a special dye test to identify problems with the drain field.
If you are purchasing real estate, Pete's Outflow Technicians is the trusted name for septic tank inspections in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Soquel. Call today at 831-475-0959 to schedule an examination.