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Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas
Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas

Keeping Grease Traps Clean in Santa Cruz

Fats, oils, grease and solid waste are the bane of many a restaurant, commercial or industrial enterprise. The accumulation of solid waste may lead to flow problems, unpleasant odors and even citations from city authorities. Pete’s Outflow Technicians of Santa Cruz deliver expert grease trap cleaning service that keeps buildup under control. Our company provides conscientious and reliable maintenance to ensure that your business’ trap does its job of keeping oily waste out of municipal sewer lines.
The process involves the collection of grease and solids that float atop water caught in the baffles that are put in place to catch the waste before it enters the sewer system. We make sure that the interceptor is emptied on a regular schedule and that the surface is scraped of any buildup. Our service includes the monitoring and documentation of the amounts of waste removed according to official standards. Waste may then be removed for recycling or disposal. Pete’s Outflow offers the following:
Our grease trap service
  • Trap and interceptor maintenance and cleaning
  • 2200 gallon to 3200 gallon capacity pump trucks
  • Computerized maintenance scheduling
  • Minor repairs
  • Over 60 years of experience serving the needs of the Santa Cruz business community

Prevent Buildup with Regular Maintenance in Watsonville and Soquel

Keeping your collector in good shape is good business for your restaurant or business. Regular maintenance may be the best method to make sure drainage systems operate at peak performance and that problems are kept at bay. Take the proper precautions to prevent byproducts from mucking up city systems and creating environmental hazards in Santa Cruz, Watsonville and Soquel. Pete’s Outflow Technicians are ready to help with any size industrial or residential treatment, from digester service and minor repairs to drain cleaning. Give us a call at 831-475-0959.


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