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Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas
Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas

Grease Traps Explained for Santa Cruz Restaurants and Businesses

The purpose of a grease interceptor, or grease trap, is to hold or rather "trap" the grease from going into the main sewage line.
When kitchen waste water flows through the grease trap, the grease and oils rise to the surface and are trapped by a system of baffles. The separation of grease and oils at the surface allows only the "clean" water to be properly drained into the main sewage system. Over time, the grease trap may fill to capacity with retained grease and oils. If this occurs, it is no longer possible for the grease and oils to separate inside the trap and the trap will no longer work as intended.
Grease interceptors do a good job of trapping grease, however, the grease needs to be removed periodically to prevent back-ups and grease build-up in the lines of the system. Santa Cruz County requires that a licensed, approved, permitted, professional pumping company clean the grease trap with a pump truck and dispose of the material at an approved sewage disposal plant. The pumper must also be certified by the California State Food and Agriculture Department.
A healthy grease interceptor is professionally cleaned on a regular schedule. This will reduce or eliminate the need for additional/emergency cleaning service and a possible violation from county inspectors. Ask about our computerized maintenance schedule services so we can help keep you serviced and compliant with the county.
Remember…a flush is better than a full house!


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