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Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas
Serving Santa Cruz, Watsonville
Soquel and Surrounding Areas

We Perform Septic Inspections for Real Estate in Santa Cruz

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Someone buying a new property will need to ensure that everything is up to working condition, and that includes the OSSF (On-Site Sewage Facilities). A thorough real estate septic inspection can tell you everything you need to know about a property’s sewage disposal system, including if it needs to be replaced. Escrow septic inspections involve locating the septic tank, checking the condition of the tank, checking for any backflow in the absorption area and checking the liquid levels for any leaks or backups. A full inspection can be very useful, so before buying a property in Santa Cruz, make sure to obtain a comprehensive two-page report from Pete’s Outflow Technicians.

Who Can Benefit?

Virtually anyone involved with the sale of a residential property can benefit from a septic inspection. Real estate agents benefit because they are able to avoid getting caught up in a lawsuit due to a defective septic system. Regularly inspecting properties also leads to a better reputation. Buyers benefit because they have all the information they need to make a knowledgeable decision. Finally, sellers benefit because they are legally obligated to provide all information regarding a property to a potential buyer. Getting the report can prevent expensive lawsuits in the future.

Also Serving the Watsonville & Soquel Areas

There is so much to be gained from this type of inspection that it makes sense to get it done by skilled professionals. Pete’s Outflow Technicians are more than capable of handling the task, and they can also provide you with additional services such as grease trap cleaning. We inspect properties in Santa Cruz, Soquel and Watsonville, so if you need to know more about your building’s septic tank, call us at 831-475-0959. Always remember, a flush is better than a full house!


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